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Valerie - "What an adventure!" Valerie was pointed in the direction of Hometown Animal Hospital through her uncle and 7 years later here she is still in love with her job. Valerie has (3) four legged children, Zulu a 10yr old Cocker Spaniel mix, Zoe a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who just turned 4 and Pacoca a 11yr old eccentric kitty cat. She is form Brazil and enjoys spending my time with my husband, pets and friends.

Darla - Darla has worked 3 days a week for Dr. Bellows for almost 25 years. At her second job, she works for a husband, a cat and two dachshunds who have her very well trained ;-)

Lourdes - Lourdes grew up with animals always a part of her life. From parrots, bunnies, fish, big dogs and smalls dogs alike she loved them all. She would terrorize her parents trying to bring in stay animals whenever she could. She found a perfect fit here at Hometown Animal Hospital being able to play and love all the animals she wants, and still try's to bring home some on an occasion.

Humberto - Originally from Peru, Humberto have been working for Dr. Bellows for the last 10 years. He started in a kennel position and now is the Head Technician. He has 2 loving cats Pepe and November. Humberto also has a 2-year-old very spirited Border Collie mix named Abril. He and his family enjoy sunny days on the beach and cozy movie nights.

Jenny - Jenny Chacon is native of the beautiful country of Colombia. She is a qualified professional in Veterinary Medicine with a Bachelors degree from San Martin University in Bogota, Colombia and Leon University in Leon, Spain. Jenny is currently in pursuit of her Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine in the United States. Large cats are her true passion within her field. Jenny is extremely excited to be part of a team that has given her the opportunity to learn and grown on a daily basis.