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Comprehensive dental care from extraction for tooth resorption to crown restoration.

Abner, a sweet nine- year-old German Shepard mix, was referred to All Pets Dental in Weston, for evaluation of a complicated crown fracture. During the initial oral exam, our second year dental resident, Dr. Elizabeth McMorran, confirmed Abner's maxillary fourth premolar was badly damaged; the slab fracture extended under the gingival margin. His other maxillary premolar was also fractured, but luckily the pulp chamber was not exposed. Although minimal dental plaque was seen, Abner's Orastrip score 2 out of 5 showed an increased level of thiols, indicating the presence of periodontal disease.

Full mouth intraoral radiographs revealed external resorption extending into the oral cavity involving the right and left mandibular second and third premolars.

Abner's oral care included dental scaling and polishing, extraction of the complicated fractured premolar and the premolars affected by tooth resorption, crown preparation and oral impressions of the uncomplicated fractured fourth premolar. Two weeks after the initial visit, a metallic crown restoration was placed on his maxillary premolar, protecting this tooth from additional trauma. A perfect 0 out of 5 OraStrip score obtained this second visit demonstrated oral plaque control and his owner's commitment to oral hygiene.