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All Pets Dental Treats Misaligned Teeth in Canines

Misaligned Teeth in your dog's mouth are treatable by All Pets Dental

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Click to enlargeCaudal Crossbite

A condition where teeth are in a reversed alignment. Caudal crossbite is a misalignment of the molars where the upper tooth is angled too far inward, the lower tooth is angled too far outward, or a combination of both.

Click to enlargeLingually Displaced Mandibular Canines

This is a painful condition where the lower canines occlude into the hard palate, causing the teeth to hit soft tissue of the palate when the mouth is closed.

Click to enlargeRostral Crossbite

Click to enlargeMaxillary Mandibular Assymetry

A wry mouth or bite occurs when one side of the jaw grows more than the other. Wry bites show as triangular defects in the incisor area. Some of the incisors will meet their opposing counterparts, while others will not. Wry bite is a severe inherited defect.

Click to enlargeMandibular Disoclusion

Describes a relationship between dental arches where the lower jaw is shorter than normal relative to the upper jaw. Treatment may involve tooth movement, or extraction(s), based on physical exam findings, to eliminate pain and promote forward growth of the lower jaw.

Click to enlargeMandibular Mesioclusion

Properly termed mandibular mesioclusion occurs when the upper jaw is located forward to the lower jaw. Treatment may involve tooth movement, extraction(s) or crown reduction and restoration, based on physical exam findings creating a functional pain free bite.

Click to enlargeCrowded Teeth

Occurs when the normal arch configuration of teeth is disrupted. Crowded teeth commonly lead to increased plaque accumulation, early periodontal disease, tooth mobility and tooth loss.

Click to enlargeLower Canine Buccoversion


Click to enlargeAcrylic Orthodontic Appliance


Click to enlargeArch Bar and Elastic Orthodontic Appliance