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At ALL PETS DENTAL, we provide full service, professional veterinary dental oral care and dental surgery for companion animals. Dr. Jan Bellows is one of the few multi-board certified veterinary dental specialists in the United States.  He and his trained staff are dedicated to working closely with both you and your family veterinarian while providing specialized  advanced and preventative dental care to your dog or cat.

Veterinary dental disease is often known as the “silent” disease. Your pet cannot tell you when they have a dental problem, making it difficult for you to know when he or she needs treatment. Frequent oral examinations and annual preventative dental cleanings for both dogs and cats are recommended. Dental disease can lead to infections, discomfort or pain, decreased quality of life and  more serious health issues.  You can be certain you are providing your dog or cat with the best professional dental care available at ALL PETS DENTAL.

We understand that special place your dog or cat has in your family, and we take great pride in treating your pet like a member of our family. Call for an examination appointment...your best friend will thank you!